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You joined the military to be a part of a team. You dreamed of advancing through the ranks to lead others. You love helping people. You enjoy knowing you’ve made a difference in the world. You were maybe even surprised by your potential at getting the job done, and done well. You were pushed to succeed. You survived boot camp and various trials. You sacrificed time with your family and more energy than your body contained to rise to the challenges of a military career.

But you did it. You got results. And you helped people along the way.

American Income Life thanks you for your service and appreciates all that you have done to make our country safer. Now it’s our turn to give you something in return. A stable, long-term civilian career.

Transitioning to a Civilian Job

It’s not easy to transition from the military to a civilian job. But we want to make it as easy as possible for you and your family. American Income Life welcomes veterans and military spouses into our family. It truly is a family environment here, and a place where you will find other veterans who made the successful transition.  Read about some of our veterans and how they made the transition to a civilian career at American Income Life.

American Income Life - Proud to support and hire American Veterans


Job Opportunities for Veterans

American Income Life is a phenomenal place to build a career using the skills acquired during military service. AIL desires more leaders who can help build teams and train others on our systems and processes. Our mission is similar to the one you had in the military:  to serve and protect. We meet with working class families to help protect their families from adverse financial circumstances. American Income Life needs leaders who can teach team members how to serve and protect, while building a business and giving back to the local community.

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If you’ve exhausted options during your civilian job search or just can’t seem find the place you’d like to call home, take a closer look at us. Former military leaders have found a place with AIL where they can shine and showcase skills learned in the military. The same can happen for your career and family future.

What questions do you have about this new and challenging mission?


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