Military Spouses at American Income Life

According to the Military Officers Association of America, 90% of female spouses of active duty service members, which is more than 600,000 people, are underemployed.  One of the biggest factors contributing to their weak job prospects is constantly moving for their spouse’s military career.

Military Spouses Need Jobs Too

It’s difficult to find a job.  But add in the complication of moving for your spouse’s military career on a regular basis, it may be virtually impossible for a military spouse to find a job. Over and over again.

But it doesn’t have to be difficult.  Military spouses can find a career, not a job, with American Income Life.  If your spouse gets transferred, you can just transfer as well, to a different local office with American Income Life.  AIL is licensed in 49 states, Canada, and is registered to carry on business in New Zealand.  We also have a subsidiary in the state of New York, National Income Life.  And, we have another subsidiary in the Republic of Ireland, Union Heritage Life.  We are always looking for people who may want to open offices in new territories.  Maybe that person is you?

American Income Life Wants Leaders

At American Income Life, you won’t waste your time by investing into a job that may only last a couple of years.  With American Income Life, you can begin to build a career and even advance into a leadership role, if that is a path you want to pursue.  It sounds really simple, but it won’t be.  No career is, really.  But by removing the issue of having to job search every time your spouse gets relocated, you can finally concentrate on your career.

40% of military spouses said in the survey that they would not inform a potential employer that their husbands were in the military.

If you are in that 40%, we understand why.  But if your spouse is in the military, AIL will celebrate it.  We believe in the military and share the same values of serving and giving back.  The people who contract with American Income Life come from all walks of life.  That’s why it’s never boring at AIL, and you meet so many amazing people with all kinds of life stories.  We have former military, former stay-at-home moms, recent high school grads, lawyers.  You name the background; it exists at American Income Life.  That’s the beauty of it.  You don’t need a specific degree or sales experience.  You just need a solid work ethic, perseverance, to be coachable, and follow our proven systems, and you can build a great career, even if you relocate with your family on a regular basis.  It won’t be easy, but it will be easier than starting over with a new company time and time again.

What advice do you have for military spouses who are considering working with American Income Life?


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