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Former Military Enjoy Challenges:

For some veterans, it’s not easy to transition to a civilian job following military service.  Some of you served in a combat zone.  Some served on non-U.S. soil and were far away from family and everything familiar.  Some of you had limited education prior to the military and perhaps your service was the first real-world, on-the-job learning situation you ever experienced. All possible challenges that may impact your current job search.

No Fear at American Income Life

The fact that you joined the military to begin with indicates you aren’t afraid of challenges.  In fact, you likely thrive on challenges.  That’s why American Income Life is excited to talk to veterans.  We believe you have transferable skills that would help you be successful in an insurance sales career.

Who Likes Easy?

Being in the military wasn’t easy.  But you didn’t join the service to have easy.  You joined because you felt called to do it.  To serve your country and help others.  That’s exactly what you can find with American Income Life.  It won’t be easy.  It will take a lot of hard work, dedication, and energy on your part.  But we believe a career, not a job, with American Income Life gives you the opportunity to not only provide yourself and your family a lifestyle, but it also enables you to help others and give back to others who truly need help.

Don’t Waste Your Skills

Don’t let the strategies you learned, the skills you honed, and the perspective you gained in the military go to waste.  We want leaders.  We want people who enjoy serving others.  We want people who aren’t afraid of hard work.  The difference with American Income Life is that if you work hard, the results will come.  No doubt.  The average income of a sales representative is $40K to $60K.  There are advancement opportunities.  We believe in promoting from within.  Our top-level management earns in excess of six figures a year.

But it’s not just about money.  It’s about giving back.

According to Inc., money is last on the list for what employees want from their job.  What people care about most is having a purpose.  Giving back.  Feeling as if you contributed to a team and greater good.

If these are things you care about as a veteran, and you are looking for a place to build a civilian career, explore our military recruiting website to learn more about our organization.  Others who served in the military have found success at American Income Life, and you can too – if you have the drive, determination, and ambition to work hard.

What are you looking for in a civilian career?



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